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Improve audience monetization - social games have proven to be an exceptional source of revenues as user loyalty tends to be high.

Social features to all portals - It doesn’t matter if your portal is social or not. All Plinga games come with a set of already integrated social features that transform your portal into a perfect playground for social games. Let your users easily find new friends, share news and send gifts.

Boost in traffic - Users playing a Plinga game on your portal will stay on your portal. We respect your user base and want to help you improve your platform traffic, increase your gaming community and optimize monetization.

Full service package - The comprehensive Plinga solution contains hosting, game localization, maintenance, community management, customer support and payment processing.

Easy portal integration - By using our standardized procedures, you can provide your users the best social gaming experience with minimal administrative effort on your part.

Accessible reporting - You can always stay up to date with all information related to our games on your portal such as revenues and daily active users.

Quality content - We differ only the best social games for not having charges applied and any installation required. All monetization is through premium features and virtual goods.

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